books that didn’t make the 2004 bestseller list

the newest issue of The Wittenburg Door has a great sidebar called “books that didn’t quite make the 2004 best-seller list”. some highlights:

    – The Da Vinci Crossword, by Dan Brown
    – Chicken Soup for the Vegan Soul, edited by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hanson
    – The SUV-Driven Life, by Rick Warren
    – The Gospel According to Sex in the City, by Chris Seay (this one cracked me up!)
    – The Prayer of Jabez: Sudanese Language Edition
    – The Five People You Meet in Hell, by Jack Chick
    – An Unfortunate Series of Poorly Written Books #1: The Deadly Dull Dispensationalist, by Lemony Lahaye and Junky Jenkins

a few more to add, of my own design:

    – Actually Thinking About Youth Ministry (see, i’m afraid this wouldn’t be a bestseller)
    – The 101 Best Youth Ministry Game-Variations of the Egg-in-Armpit Relay
    – Stop Calling Us Emergent!, by Doug Pagitt
    – 101 New Names You Might Consider Calling Us Other Than Emergent, a companion book, by Doug Pagitt, Tony Jones, Brian McLaren and a token female author
    – The REAL Reason YS Won’t Be Hosting the Emergent Convention After This Year: the unauthorized biography of mark oestreicher

wanna add any to the list??

9 thoughts on “books that didn’t make the 2004 bestseller list”

  1. A Concise Systematic Theology of Paul’s Letters, by Brian McLaren

    6 Easy Steps to Effective Mission! (now with pull-out diagrahms!) by Andrew Jones

    Blogging toward Community by D.A. Carson

    The Triumph of Post-Moderism: a rational defense of irrationality by William Lane Craig and J. P. Moreland

    The Virtues of Texas Hold-em’ by William Bennett

  2. “Conversing with the Evangelical Movement” by B.A. Carson

    “Sleeping Re-imagined: The Role of Sleep During Today’s Sermons” by Doug Pagitt

    “Help! I’m a friend of Emergent” by Marko

    “Coffee, Candles and Cool: Three Steps To Becoming An ‘Emergent’ Church” by Dan Kimball

  3. Help! I’m Parent of Student who wants to be a Youth Worker!

    PostModern Singles Ministry in the Internet Age by Neil Clark Warren

    Pipe Smoking as a Spiritual Discipline by Mike King

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