brian mclaren sings the blues

brian mclaren was a singer back in the day. but this song he just wrote and recorded – When We Gonna Wake Up – shows that he’s still got it. i was pleasantly surprised, even as a friend of brian’s, to hear his husky, bluesy sound. wow. reminded me of older tom waits.

“dedicated to peace-makers in palestine and israel, and those working in solidarity with them”

5 thoughts on “brian mclaren sings the blues”

  1. Brian’s voice has a marvelous gravelly tone and feel. His guitar is so so at best. His decision to put an ungodly philosophy of surrender to evil in song form is truly regrettable, if unsurprising from a man that endorsed America’s election of a man whose best political friends and early recipients of official favors are abortionists.

  2. philosophy of surrendering to evil….I am sorry but I did not hear or see that. But based on the end of the post it looks like your mind was already made up about Mr. Mclaren so it is easy to hear what you want to hear. WOW

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