5 thoughts on “bye, dudes”

  1. It’s always funny to me when I see guys like you or Doug Fields posting updates about the small groups your both leading. Do these teens have any clue that their leaders are the guys who have literally written the books on student ministry and small groups? Keep it up!

  2. that’s part of why i am so committed to doing this, matt — to those guys, i’m absolutely nothing more than marko, their small group leader. they don’t give a rip what else i do or don’t do in the youth ministry world. it keeps me grounded.

  3. can i just tell you that this picture brought a huge smile to my face?

    you have no idea how many lives you impact, Marko, with your authenticity, grace, wisdom, and keen ability to meet people exactly.where.they.are.

    Keep up the great work. I am constantly inspired.

  4. The boys don’t really know or care “who” else Marko is besides their small group leader, but trust me, as the mom of one of those boys, we are SO thankful that our sons ended up in this group. My kid is the one in the sombrero, and his time with Marko and Brett has been one of the primary shaping times of his life over the past three years. It’s Kingdom Work and I never forget that. Thank you Marko for staying committed to leading a group.

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