canadian youth workers conference, saturday evening

the convention is going so well – i’m just ecstatic. it’s amazing how often we’re hearing (particularly from denominational leaders) how tired they are of american showing up with their schtick, but not humbly listening or working to include canadians, and how this event has been so different from that. this kind of input is so deeply satisfying to receive, as it was one of our deepest hopes, that we could accomplish a truly canadian event, with canadian speakers and input and control, but combined with the stuff ys could bring to serve.

today, we had a lunch with 20-plus denominational leaders to get their input on how they think it’s been going, whether or not they’ve been able to experience the relational connection with youth workers from their own denomination (which is important, since many of them cancelled their own denom youth worker gatherings to support this event), and what their input is for the future. there was an absolutely amazing spirit of appreciation, as well as honest input about needing to be a bit more proactive about creating specific space for denom gatherings. there was also unanimous support and desire of doing another event, and a strong consensus that it needs to be in toronto next year. we need to work to figure out how to make this a win-win for those events that already exist in toronto, to include them as partners and make sure our event doesn’t hurt them and their pre-existing efforts to resource and train youth workers. so, toronto in 08 looks likely, but we have a few more bridges to cross before it would be official.

i’ve done my critical concerns course and one seminar so far. i have another seminar tomorrow morning, and then my closing session talk tomorrow late afternoon. i’m tired, but deeply content.

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  1. marko, thanks for the all you have done and continue to do with darian and being sensitive to us canadians. i told darian this today and i tell you here, any help/feedback/suggestions i’m committed to making the cnywc a main stay for canadian youth workers. this weekend was a huge part of the foundation being laid but I know that there is still more to be done for this to continue in the future. well done!


  2. guys, I love your heart SO much. It’s been a privilege and pleasure to partner. whatever the future holds in terms of location and timing, THANK you for all the open communication and straightforward approach. It’s counter-culturally refreshing and humbling. Here’s praying that we can keep ALL the right channels well open for the ongoing.

  3. Hey Marko – Hamilton or Missisauga would be better “b” cities than Toronto and both have the ability to host an event of that size and are very close to the airport. So glad it all came together so well!

  4. Hamilton would be good. A few hours from the Falls and the half way pt between Buffalo and Toronto and you got Copps.

    Also another option for a city in the US might be Raleigh – new convention center and similar to charlotte but close to I-95/ I-40, I-85 and halfway between DC and Atlanta. Anyways …

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