canadian youth workers conference

our partners at canadafire have done a nice job re-editing a NYWC as a sweet promo video for the canadian youth workers conference, happening this coming november 29 – december 2 in vancouver.

canadafire has also set up a donation thingy through, which would provide scholarships for youth workers from quebec, atlantic canada and northern canada (i don’t pretend to understand why it’s limited to those areas). but, in order to legitimize this scholarship fund as a tax deductable donation for canadians, we need 100 votes, here. you don’t have to be canadian to vote.

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  1. i know that it would be available from other provinces too, but we’re so very far away and flights aren’t competitive like they are in the states. also ontario & the western provinces have more of the larger churches that actually have travel budgets (or even hired staff).

    living in the atlantic province of new brunswick now has helped me to realize that this is a very different world to ontario (and the states). it’s a whole different culture, and resources that are so rich elsewhere are in very short supply here.

    please vote!!

  2. marko,

    Darian’s a good buddy of mine. I’m sure he’d be cool with me clearing up your uncertainty.

    QUEBEC: Province with less than 1% evangelical Christians…and of that figure, not many are youth workers.

    ATLANTIC CANADA: Farthest away from Vancouver = more expensive. And our East coast is unlike the US East Coast…more “natural resources” dependent & generally more rural.

    NORTHERN CANADA: Kinda like living in Alaska… but with more sparse population, limited travel options, generally lower income etc…

    I like Darian’s approach to who he’s chosen to give scholarships to! Youth Workers in these area’s of Canada are often “on their own” I feel. Giving them any chance at getting to the CYWC is a great cause to be apart of. See ya Nov. 29 – Dec 2.


  3. I suspect the scholarships are limited to those regions because for what it costs to fly by economy from Halifax to Vancouver with no frills, I could fly from Newark to LAX first class (I just checked to make sure that was still true) and the cost is much greater if your flying from the North.

  4. I agree with all of the above. I am lucky to live just a ferry ride away and am hoping to bring most of my team thanks to the limited travel costs.
    Our denom is having our youth service trip way up north this year because their youth hardly ever get an opportunity to participate because of travel costs but it is very stressing for us – I am praying for ways to raise funds for our travel!

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