changes to the national youth workers convention

we’re hosting a monthly webinar on the nywc site, leading up to this fall’s national youth workers conventions. i did the first one this week, and talked (for a LONG TIME!) about the changes we’re making for this fall’s events. next month, mark matlock will talk more specifically about the open space day at the event.

here’s the new nywc website (reg is now open!)

and here’s a recording of that webinar (we had a few technical problems, but got through them)…

5 thoughts on “changes to the national youth workers convention”

  1. “Everybody has the opportunity to get pissed off…”

    Yeah… My friends and I have talked about that for the last several conventions. Seems like in trying to be all things to all people, you can pretty effectively alienate everybody. Don’t take that the wrong way… but I think you’re spot on with your analysis.

  2. I loved last year and wouldn’t change a thing! I think the hardest speaker for people to follow was Dr. Francis Collins, but I thought it was interesting and had a friend reading his book and talking about him before I made it out. To tell you the truth, listening to Francis Chan blew me away and I felt going to the conference after one day was already worth it. Then to still have Yaconelli, Claiborne, Campolo, and much more was just amazing.

    I won’t be able to make it this year…yet I am interested to see how much has changed the next time I make it out!

  3. Marko,

    Just stumbled on the post from Matlock’s twitter and all I can say is:

    I believe you have nailed it as far as some of the changes you are looking at.
    As a veteran of several NYWC’s, the stacking of hands, soul care, focused main sessions and emphasis on worship is exactly what every youth worker longs for and needs out of a 4 day convention. Great work, seems you have tremendous vision/clarity, I love it!

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