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i forgot to mention earlier that i was a judge in a christian tattoo contest, hosted firmly tongue-in-cheek by the ever-snarky stuff christian like blog (read the post today about ‘in church massages‘ — it’s hilarious). SCL sent me and the other judges a few dozens contestant shots, and we were to pick our top 10. to be honest, i only liked two of them at all. i selected another 6 or 7 anyhow, but the only two i dug were this super-faint (due to the ink color) “mercy” inked on the inside wrist of a former cutter:

and this sweet old school styled tat of a lamb:

SCL has posted the finalists in three sets. the judges role was to pick the finalists, but now it’s up to the readers (very american idol influenced, that SCL):

set 1

set 2

set 3

only two days left to vote. he’s closing the contest monday, i think.

4 thoughts on “christian tat contest”

  1. M-Arko—-Danielle has been thinking about getting a white tat for a while now. I think she may do it soon. By the way the whole “Christian” tat thing is a bit of a strange title. I don’t think my tats are saved but who knows. Maybe they’ll still be on me in Heaven. :)

  2. is it realy ok to have a tatoo? i mean what are the biblical scriptures that support that kind of art? i mean im naot against it i like it too…but how can i explain to some parent that tatooing is just fine in christianity?

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