christmas lights, easy to put up, easy to take down

honestly, i’m lazy about the christmas lights on my house. last year, i bought a “system” that allows me to place these little clips, with the string of lights in them, onto my eaves, using a long pole. it takes me about 20 minutes. it’s just enough to not be scrooge. every year, my family complains.


at least i did more than this:


but, i have to admit, i’m tempted to modify my lights to this next year.

3 thoughts on “christmas lights, easy to put up, easy to take down”

  1. That’s great! However notice that these people have outlets in their soffit, that means these people have lights up on every holiday (St. Pats, Halloween, National Potato week). I am jealous!

  2. Since I’m on the road most of the year I decided to decorate my tour van with one of the light-up-reindeers from Wal-Mart. We cut one in half and attached it to grill in the front. We have the power running up under the hood and through a window to a power inverter on the floor which is plugged into a cigarette lighter

    I have pics on my facebook but I think it takes the cake for best Christmas decoration ever!

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