church baptism at the beach

i love the baptisms at my church. since we live in san diego, we hold them down at mission bay. the whole thing is like a ‘church picnic’ — a total party, with a massive cook-out and hundreds of people with beach chairs and blankets.

this last weekend in church, they showed this highlight video showing (only a handful of the many) baptisms from the last two times we gathered for this. i know there are readers of this blog with different theology of baptism and different modalities that what this video shows. but that’s not my point here. i got weepy in church watching this — the joy on the faces is breathtaking.

10 thoughts on “church baptism at the beach”

  1. I love that there’s many different generations represented in that video. Very cool!

  2. Thanks for sharing that Marko – took me back to how I felt when I was baptised – the start of a new life.

  3. Man, their smiles are contagious! I was smiling the whole time watching that video. Reminds me of how happy we should be EVERY DAY that we have been baptized by the Spirit! Thanks Mark!

  4. thanks marko, i needed that one today. what a blessing, as the tears roll down my face, to see people receive more of God in their lives.

  5. So interesting that most of the time the first act after baptism is reaching for someone to hug and share the joy. If Christians are not reaching out to hug and share joy, what’s the point?

  6. I got emotional watching that too. I remember baptisms at the church camp pool at Angeles Crest Camp. This brought back a lot of those memories. Thanks for sharing this.

  7. Was actually looking at another site and saw your link. Wish we could gather at the water like this. What a wonderful bessing just watching your video- God Bless you,

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