classic job posting for a youth worker

ok, this is painful. funny and painful.

a youth worker sent me this ACTUAL job posting from his denomination’s website. i’ve only modified a few tiny things to keep it anonymous.

Title: Youth Pastor, Part-Time

Responsible for managing three leadership teams for ages 11 years through 22 years old. Will meet with teams on regular basis to pray and plan activities and events.

Must love the Lord God with all your heart, soul and mind and have a passion for young people coming to Jesus. Also, must be a minimum of 25 years old and married with a degree, from seminary or Bible college in biblical studies or currently in seminary or Bible college to obtain a degree. Must have at least one year proven experience as lay person or staff working with youth or must have served as a youth camp counselor or some equal experience for at least one year.

Compensation: $150/week

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  1. to be clear, i am a volunteer youth worker. i don’t get paid by my church, and i am called. HOWEVER, they don’t tell me i have to be married, have a bible or christian college degree, a minimum of experience, and be over 25 years old (though i happen to meet all those requirements!).

  2. I think folks are making too much of this. It clearly states “managing three leadership teams…meet with teams on regular basis to pray and plan activities and events.” Now if that can’t be accomplished by a resourceful leader in less than one two-hour meeting with each of the three groups, then perhaps they’re being OVER paid at $150 a week.

  3. Actually I’ve worked this almost exact job description. The pay sucks, the hours long, and at the end of the day it’s just super cheap labor. The ministry with the students was awesome, but the church wanting more than they’re willing to give.

  4. WHAT?? People actually get PAID to do this???? When did I miss that memo??!!?? Lets see…about 9 yrs ago._______ *not grabbing a calculator!!*

  5. YS, contact the church & offer to provide all the curriculum and continuing ed for free – what a mission field for YS! If someone else lets thm know how important it is to properly care for and compensate ministry staff – maybe they’ll get on board with the generosity kick! We all know of or have worked in situations like this…and the only way for this ministry to grow effectively is for others in miistry to help model what should be happening to be effective for Christ. Live it – don’t complain about it. Oh, and teach whoever takes teh job how to keep a record of their hours/activities and how to say “no”.

  6. You mean that I could be getting paid for doing this? I work a full time job just so I can pay for what all my youth does at our church. I would love to get $150 a week.

  7. Hey, i manage a couple of camp ministries. – My counselors get more than $150.00 per week for their work. In return for their 24/7 dedication we also provide a full 2 hour break every day, 3 great meals and a place to sleep too! Entertainment is cheap, there are many options for free time activities, on-site healthcare is provided by the camp nurse (and you could double your income if your wife counsels too!) Sorry, you can’t bring the family dog…

  8. Then they hired me part time.

    In a similar position, I often reminisced about the “good ol’ days” in college as a volunteer reimbursed for mileage from school to church.

  9. Okay, so we all agree that the pay isn’t equal to the work in ministry. But, can we quit trying to smack congregations that may, or may not, be trying to do more than that already are. I have been in youth ministry for over 15 years, 12 being paid and with only one church family. I have seen the people that view me only as a babysitter and the ones that work along side of me for the kingdom. Not one church congregation is perfect.

    Quit making church congregations a joke!!! One body, one faith!!!

    Everyone has the right to voice their opinion, but only if they have removed the plank from their own eyes. Otherwise, be quiet and go back to work for our Lord. That will be a better use of our times!

  10. look. i worked for a church as a full-time volunteer. i loved the ministry. the kids were amazing. as far as the leadership of the church went though, i felt completely taken advantage of. but that is just my experience.

  11. If you are in youth ministry for the money you are in it for the WRONG reason. In most of your smaller to medium-sized churches there isn’t a budget line item for youth ministers so a part-time salary is even a blessing. This means you have a bi-vocational ministry. One that pays the bills and the other that is extra income and the pay is rewards in heaven for the time you put in helping those youth.

  12. Boy…They don’t want much to they.
    I have been a full-time Youth Director before at a larger church.
    I am now a part-time youth Director at a very small church. They do not have a budget, but are paying me $100 a week. Those of you who are in this know that there is no such thing as a part-time youth director. My phone rings or I get texted from youth all the time. I am there for them when they need me, not just on Sundays as my job says.
    I do not have a degree. But I love the Lord and Love kids. Isn’t that what Jesus wants from us to loves these kids and show them what Jesus can do for them.

  13. We have a great book called “Financial Freedom for Youth Pastors” that has helped a number of youth pastors.

  14. In reading all these comments, including my privious, we seem to be missing the point – the church is asking for a whole lot more than they are willing to pay for. They want the family role model, they want the experience, they want the advanced education and degree, AND they want to pay as lttle as possible. I agree, there are plenty of us that have been there, and there are plenty of us that do more than just “volunteer”. But come on, if the church wants the benefits of a person that has committed themselves to ministry and has taken the time and money to invest in an specialized educational program, and has already spent time building a successful ministry – then how ’bout rewarding that person with a livable (not laughable) wage!

  15. Gee this is fun! Hired gun – tent maker? Hired gun – tent maker? I served too many churches for too many years that focused more on meeting the expectations of deacons, pastors, & powerful parents than the expectations of God! But God is sovereign, & loves were and continue to be changed. Ya wonder why there are so few youth pastors over 40. Now in my mid 50’s I’ve been out of YM for some 10 years, but there are nearly a dozen youth pastors out there who were once in my youth group. Many (if not most) working for the same unrealistic expectations with the same high degree of passion I was, and being blessed… somehow! God is good reguardless of us!

  16. While I’m certain that many loves were changed over those years, and indeed continue to be, what I meant to say, was lives changed (but you already knew that).

  17. I did that at a church for $50 a week. Another church wanted to hire me to do it for a love offering. (Kind makes you hope everyone shows up on Sunday and in a good mood towards you… btw didn’t take it.) I am SOOO grateful for where God has be now which btw He brought about by the YS job bank! While I appreciate the predicament that church in the ad may be facing, marriage and age requirements would have ruled Jeremiah right out! Most of us don’t go into this for $ at all, however we aren’t signing up for abuse either.

  18. That’s so sad; speaks volumes as to the value they put on the ministry. Makes me, oh, so grateful for my Pastor and Ministry.

  19. I really think this Church is asking for a volunteer, and not a paid job.
    I am a volunteer in the youth ministry and do have my job on the side. If you want to server God for free and can make a living on the side that is cool too. You never know, who will grab this and will be glad.

  20. It’s not funny, been there done that! I was a in a volunteer youth leader position for 4 years, they paid me $200 a month ($2400 yearly)compensation which cost me $976 in taxes. I put about 30+ hours a week, that doesn’t include being the VBS Director, Mission Team Leader and SUmmer Camp Coordinator. By the way, they fired me after 4 years 11 months, it was the best firing in my life!

  21. It’s not about money. But you have to live not struggle, while trying to manage family and another full-time job. It resonates beyond that with most churches. I never heard of a church over paying someone. Again it’s not about the money but it shows how much of a value a person is to do so much.
    By the way that’s less than minimum for the hours required.

  22. I have attempted many times to be a youth worker, but I have failed to meet the requirements,such as being married, having a degree in ministry from a university or bible college.

  23. in reading the post and comments thus far… 2 thoughts come to my mind. The 1st is the idea of a church being a light to the community around us, of Jesus’ words towards the end of John that the world will know that God sent him by the way that we care for one another. Surely that speaks into how we treat those employed by our families of faith?
    The 2nd is this: Jesus came that we might have abundant life (and apparently lame bumper stickers). Good news of great joy for all people! So how do we minister in Jesus’ name, how do we follow Jesus as a church, as a family, in a way that is life-giving? For me it has meant creating time to be with people – whether students, volunteers, my family, etc. And also this – honoring and encouraging volunteers.

    Do we desire to squeeze all of the juice out of someone (and then look somewhere again for another beet), or do we desire to cultivate a vineyard that produces season after season of fruit?

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