classic junior high comment

i overheard a hilarious conversation on the escalators this weekend, surrounded by a hundred junior highers. One boy starting going down the up escalator.

Youthworker: Brian! Brian! Brian!

Brian, back on the down escalator: but it’s more funner!

Youthworker: but it’s not wise.

Brian, quietly, defeated: yes, sir.

Youthworker: it wasn’t wise, was it brian?

Brian: but we’re junior highers. We’re NOT WISE!

2 thoughts on “classic junior high comment”

  1. Dude, I spent most of my time at the Journal of Student Ministries booth in Austin watching youth pastors running up and down the wrong escalators … over and over and over and over … I’m going to pretend the youth pastor you overheard was one of ’em. : )

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