classic max comment

max, our 9 year old, has gotten to the point where he doesn’t want us touching him in public. he’s still very affectionate at home. but our public hand-holding days are over. the other day, jeannie was picking him up at school, and came out to the play area to get him. she noticed he had a something in his hair, and plucked it out. max asked her to step over to a quiet place so he could speak with her in private. this was the discussion:

max: mom, i’ve told you i don’t want you touching my head like that when there are other people around.

jeannie: but, i wasn’t rubbing it or anything — you had a stick in your hair, and i was pulling it out for you.

max: mom, i’m 9 and i’m a boy. i’m supposed to have sticks in my hair.

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  1. Excellent! I can so relate. The good thing is my guys now older and are back to hugs in public…even better now that they are choosing to!!

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