jeannie and liesl werre out of town saturday and sunday nights, in vegas for liesl’s last dance competition. so max and i were alone for the weekend, which was pretty fun for us. max made a list of things he was hoping we would do, and we got through most of them. saturday night we saw the movie “click“. there was a bit too much sexual humor, and i felt a little bad for bringing him (max is still a bit too young to have caught much of it). but for me, it was a great movie, much more than i expected. lots of laughs. but what really made it great — and brought me to tears, literally — was the kick in the groin about priorities, specifically about putting family before work. sure, it was all a bit cliche (not like the thing’s going to win any awards). but the message was still true. and the anguish in adam sandler’s eyes when — as an old dude — he realized how much he’d screwed up his life with wrong priorities… well, that was worth a thousand seminars and books on priorities and time management. i hugged max a bit extra all weekend.

2 thoughts on “click”

  1. ME TOO!!! The part where he keeps rewinding and playing back his dad saying “I love you son.” I almost lost it. I happened to see this movie the same time that I was reading “to own a dragon” by Donald Miller. So i had kind of a father son relationship thing being torn open in my heart.

  2. Wow, I’m suprised you liked it! I took my jr. high team to see it the other night and wanted to walk out. I think it’s one of the worst movies I’ve seen in a long time. The message was cliche (though good), but not nearly as old as Sandler’s bits. He’s been doing the exact same routine for years and I think it finally bored me. I mean come on….how many times do they think we’re going to laugh at a dog humping a stuffed duck? I went in wanting to like it, but I had to force myself to stay in the theater and I’ve only walked out on two movies in my entire life.
    Just one man’s minority opinion.

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