colbert and bart ehrman

i was checking out colbert’s interview of rick warren, and stumbled on this interview he did with bart ehrman, author of the controversial book, “misquoting jesus”. i laughed out loud at this gem:

colbert: do you believe there is a god?

ehrman: (pause) i’m not sure.

colbert: so you’re an agnostic.

ehrman: that’s right.

colbert: isn’t that just an athiest without balls?

here’s the whole interview:

6 thoughts on “colbert and bart ehrman”

  1. does anyone know the story surrounding mark’s struggle with God existence? in his bio, he’s got all the “right Christian credentials”: teenage conversion, moody grad, wheaton grad, mdiv, etc. just curious when the disconnect happened for him.

  2. I know what the disconnect was and happens to many who study the Bible in school. He probably knows a lot more than me, but he decided to just study and not live it. It became just a text book not life for him. All the head knowledge in the world won’t get you closer to God. In his time in questioning his faith he probably thought he had all the “answers” and let go to the “dark side”. But you know God is not finished with him yet and if he has a heart, he will come back. Let’s hope it does not have to come in a very low point in his life to acknowlege Him again.

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