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i’ve finally caved, dropped my stupid pride at not having an assistant, and realized i will do a much better job as the president of youth specialties, if i have someone to manage me and my time: an executive assistant. so, we’ve posted the job on the ys job bank, on, on, and on craig’s list. well over 100 resume’s have come in, and zondervan’s hr dept interviewed a bunch of them, and picked three for me to interview.

well, let’s just say i’m not finding the right fit, yet.

dang, i so desperately want to find the right person who is an organization animal, likes things digital (i think i had one interviewee today who was afraid of computers), is personable and smart, listens more than talks, is fun to be around and will engage with the rest of the staff, gets excited about administration, and — this would be cool — likes teenagers and youth workers. i’d really rather not just hire someone who wants a job.

there’s a full job description posted here.

it’s decent pay, with a salary range of $32k-$51k, and a hiring range of $32k-$42k.

so, help me out. do you have someone in your church who would be fun to work with and fantastic at bringing some organization and administration to my world?

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  1. I love this one under the responsibilities section…

    Screen phone calls and voice mail, eliminating many

    “I’m sorry, I can’t let you talk to the President, but let me give you his blog url…”

  2. i can not decide if
    a. this requires some type of ritual sacrifice fromm Levitticus
    b. there is some Celtic blessing for candidates for this job
    c. this is a great job for someone who is hungry to make chaos out of order and make order out of chaos

    my biggest suggestion – DON’T go with a tradition admin. look for somone on an edge, someone who is a spice, someone who will push & prod & help you & the team stretch even further for goodness & great outcomes

    pretty soon, it seems like hillary will be available – she’d be GREAT

    (tho bill would be a MAJOR buzz kill at YS events)

  3. Marko- I agree with Bob on this one. You don’t want to go traditional. Although hard you might want to go with someone who isn’t scared to tell you exactly what they think and when you are being a dork.

    Hillary might not be a good fit but definitely find someone who’s not afraid to throw punches.

  4. It’s tempting, I love youth, and I think I could do it (I can be really organized when I want to be), administrative is not exactly my motivational gifting, and there’d be the whole “uprooting-my-whole-life” thing to get past. Otherwise I’d jump at it!

  5. I have a great person for the job, if he wants to move to wherever you’re at. I’ll get him the link. (The guy gets a kick out of alphabetizing, is the best listener I’ve ever met, and has experience as the Missions coordinator for GVSU Campus Ministry as well as being on the school’s college Young Life staff.)

  6. Well, I have put in my notice for youknowwhere, so provided Hillary and Donna Moss don’t get there first, this sounds amazing!

  7. Hi Marko,

    I was really excited when I read your blog! I’m a local youth pastor, and I have a good friend that might be a perfect fit! Talk about someone that gets excited about organization…is dependable…driven…responsible…not afraid of computers…and to top it off, she loves God and loves students. We actually volunteered together in the same youth ministry a few years ago. I called her and gave her the link to send in the application to Zondervan, but if you’d like YS to contact her then you are more than welcome to email me for her contact info. P.S. She’s local.
    Happy Hiring!

  8. Look no further! You want someone who loves organization and administration, who loves students and even youth pastors :), I am it. Everything that you are looking for God has given me the experience and gifts to do. How about this, I treat you and your wife for lunch, anywhere you want to go, and you give me a short amount of your precious time to show you I AM the person you are looking for to fill this “calling”. I promise you I will not disappoint you and hey you get a free lunch of your choice out of it. I know your time is super valuable, but Mr. Oestreicher, I am the hardest working person you will ever meet and I have a heart that desires to follow God with all that I do. So, please give me a chance…
    [email protected]

  9. I wish we were in the position to just up and move. I would be all over the chance to work for such an amazing company and for such amazing people.

  10. I applied today…and I’m moving to EC soon, too (whether I get the position or not). If I DON’T get it, promise you won’t bust me out in public every time you see me at Rubio’s like, “Oh there’s that…”

    Wait. I can’t think of anything really mean to say here. I guess if I don’t get it I’ll just run and hide when I see you walking down the street! haha… Fingers crossed!

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