competitive bunny jumping

occasionally, one stumbles onto a sport of which one had absolutely no knowledge of said sport’s existence. such is the case with this video, from the danish championships in bunny jumping. no — before you start thinking along the lines of “jackass” and assume the sport is cruel anti-PETA 16 year-old guys jumping over bunnies, it’s a combination of horse jumping and a dog show, but with bunnies. watch and see. be amazed.

7 thoughts on “competitive bunny jumping”

  1. I have a couple bunnies. When I let them out to run around, they can be so spastic! My little dwarf rabbit runs thru my house like he’s training for the olympics. One funny way they show you affection is by running laps around your feet. He goes around and around and around, and never seems to get bored of it. They are fun little characters!

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