comtemplative youth ministry

very nice book review today on jonny baker’s blog, of mark yaconelli’s new book, contemplative youth ministry.

we (ys) developed the book with mark, and are publishing it for the non-uk world, with the official release in may (but could be in stores and otherwise available sometime in april). but mark signed a uk deal with spck (which is the version jonny reviewed — the only differences would be minor language choices: aluminum and aluminium, you know). you can download a PDF of the first chapter here, free.

also connected to the release of this book, there are six FREE events with mark — in minneapolis, chicago, san francisco, denver, nashville and los angeles. each of these is a one-evening-plus-the-next-day event. on the first evening, mark will talk about the concepts in the book. and the following day is a mini spiritual retreat for youth workers, or anyone else who wants to attend (along the lines of the sabbath events we used to offer in partnership with mark). more info on those free events here.

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  1. Hey, so what’s up with not coming to New England! Oh well. : ) I really enjoyed Mark’s talk at NYWC; every time I am annoyed by something in youth ministry now I think to myself “I want to unaffirm that person.” Which improves my mood slightly (but hey, at three am at an all nighter, any improvement at all is impressive!).

  2. I’m bummed there is only going to be the one night deal in SF, but I am looking forward to it. The preview chapter at The Core was really interesting.

  3. hey, i’m with matthew – we here in the east coast love mark and could really benefit from this too!! come on boston!!

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