confession is good for the soul

last night, 5 minutes before midnight.  jeannie and i were driving back to her parents home here in detroit after seeing the movie, you, me and dupree with her brother and his wife.  and it hit.

the craving.

it’s a craving that only strikes me in detroit and other midwestern cities, because it’s an impossible-to-fulfill craving in california.

the craving?  white castle cheeseburgers.

yes, the original slider (even white castle has caved to this name, and advertises “slyders”).  tiny little burgers with little bits o’ chopped onions and cheese you can actually taste.  i love them, and there are very few things in life, food-wise, that i crave like these babies. 

so at midnight, i temporarily turned my back on healthy living, and pulled into the drive-through to order a half-dozen white castle cheeseburgers.  craving satisfied.

17 thoughts on “confession is good for the soul”

  1. Marko,

    Just a head’s up…if you are ever in the south you should try the krystal burger. It’s the southern brother of the white castle burger and in my humble opinion – it’s off the freakin’ charts. Just awesomely, excellent (almost sinful) eating. Later.

  2. Don’t believe Scott, Marko, Krystal’s is a cheap White Castle imitation. I am originally from Ky and there is nothing like a White Castle.

  3. My wife and I have those same urges when we return home to Alabama for Krystal’s and they are best around midnight. Many college memories making a Krystal run around that time of the night with friends. Glad you enjoyed your freedom and downed some “gut grenades”.

  4. dude…that’s pretty gross. and contrary to scott watkins’ opinion, krystal is even worse. nothing surpasses the greatness that is in-n-out burger, but i’m sure you already knew that.

  5. I’ll take a double-double animal style (if I’m really trying to clog the arteries) ANY day over white castle. I miss those little things like I miss three-a-day showers from living in Missouri in the summer.

  6. Marko White Castle is disgusting it is like pumping sludge into your system. Anyway as aLivvonia boy born and breed you should know that white castle is a poor man’s bates.

  7. Jared stole my thunder, Bates is the place. A couple of sliders, a large choc.shake that you can’t suck up through the straw, what a day!

  8. I had a craving like that at the nashville YS convention last year and luckily down the road from the convention center and my hotel was a white castle……

    now I only get cravings for Chipotle. Mmmm Burritos!

  9. 11 comments so far on cheeseburgers. 5 comments left on the hell that is going on in Lebanon. I know that may be a bit hard. But it is the unfortunate reality in America and most of the american church. My stomach comes before your stomach. In the good book it says love God and love people. What if, after church christians don’t eat out but instead go home and eat a peanut butter sandwich and send the money they would have spend to an organization that feeds the dying. Just food for thought.

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