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yesterday and today we have a crew of great people in our office for two days of CORE (ys’ one-day seminar) development meetings — for the 2009 CORE, that is. great stuff – i’m really excited about the level of thinking and interaction. other than not having enough women (we invited several who were not able to attend), the group has really interesting diversity, and are giving us fantastic input and thinking. we had a nice dinner outside at tic’s house last night — great to hang with these fine people:

jim candy: junior high pastor for a decade at first pres, boulder (CO). now finishing an mdiv at fuller. i got to know him through our junior high pastor’s summit. amongst junior high pastors, the dude is a thinker.

jim graham: oversees studentlife curriculum development, in birmingham, alabama.

craig davis: after 19 years as a youth pastor in tx, craig is the student ministries pastor at rose drive friends church in yorba linda, ca. craig was my CORE host this year when i presented in orange county, and i was really impressed by his depth, wisdom and humility.

ian robertson: media dude for youth specialties, who helps give all kinds of shape to the CORE. ian’s also one of my fellow middle school ministry volunteers at my church, where his wife is our middle school pastor.

dan lambert: professor of youth ministry at john brown university, author of a ys book in our academic line. dan’s one of those guys who can be truly academic, but not exclusively academic.

mark matlock: author and speaker, leader of wisdomworks and planet wisdom. really smart guy.

michael novelli: after many years of being a youth pastor, and a handful of years working for sonlife ministries, michael is now freelancing as an author and content developer, specifically in the area of chronological bible storying.

scott burks: a bit of a youth ministry entrepreneur and gadfly, scott is at least partially employed in some capacity at studentlife in alabama, but lives in tx.

carrie clausen: CORE manager, carrie handles all the logistics of the entire CORE. she also speaks into the development quite a bit, and is a former middle school pastor.

chris brooks: leader of urbnet, the urban network of national network of youth ministries. chris lives in minneapolis.

kara powell: youth ministry prof at fuller seminary in pasadena, author, leader of fuller’s center for youth and family. one of the smartest people i know.

well, and also me and tic.

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  1. We attended the CORE this year a few weeks ago. What sold me this year was the fact that we got to bring some of our student leaders. However, (this may have been an isolated case), it felt that they were applauded for coming, and then they were ignored for the rest of the day. I guess we were hoping for more hands on interactive training rather than the five hour lecture format with some videos in between. Our group had some good discussion on the way there and back and during lunch, and we were able to come up with some great dreams and goals, but that situation may be something you want to think about for 09. Thanks Marko and keep on doing what you’re doing!

  2. I loved taking students. It was just me and 5 students and our travel time and time spent at the Core helped address some things we want to change. The students were really open about what needs improving (including some things that only they can change)and I felt challenged to give them more ersponsibility in leadership! Overall, an amazing day!

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