7 thoughts on “crowder plays sonseed”

  1. Hi Mark

    This new found YouTube popularity is amazing, Though not in the now famous video, I was actully in Sonseed more than 25 years ago. I was the conga player / percussionist for the band. The band usually had about 18 people on stage and the set of “The First Estate” Sunday morning TV program couldn’t fit all of us so a few of us graciously bowed out. I’m not sure what’s more amazing 850,000 YouTube hits or a DCB cover. Yeah, Jesus really is a friend of mine.


  2. Only David Crowder could turn such a lame production into something so cool. It’s the goatee, I think.

  3. Where is the freaky hi pitch part? That’s what made it all scary. David Crowder band made it sound cool and fun. Marko you got to ask him to play it at the convention

  4. oops wrong song about the hi pitch part. I have been so traumatized by the cheesy/scary songs. Still DCB has to play it at the convention. I can’t wait for more cheese. I’m like Wallace (Wallace and Gromit).

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