cutest car ever

this little thing would just be so cool to have. i’m tempted to make it a “photo in need of a caption” contest, but i have a wad of those in my drafts already; so i’ll just post the cuteness. feel free to add a funny comment, though.


it’s called the Brütsch Mopetta, a single seat, 3-wheeled roadster that can zoom up to 45 km/h (28 mph). Only 14 were ever made.

(ht to neatorama)

8 thoughts on “cutest car ever”

  1. Hello, I am Orson from the planet Ork. I am here to check on my student Mork. Do you know where I might find him. (I know, this dates me a bit.)

  2. I want to write something about compensating, or the lack there of, but can’t quite get there on a G level.

  3. Having missed the last train in Frontierland, Wayne Rice crashes the bumper-car ride and drives down mainstreet toward the exit.

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