date week w/ my wife

so i’m home for a week between england and argentina; and the kids are in school. so this is officially “marko and jeannie’s daytime date week.” we actually have four weekdays. here’s the plan (with two completed so far):

thursday — lunch at Casa de Pico (the best mexican food in san diego — recently closed in old town, due to a weird lease thang, but just — last week — re-opened about 10 minutes from our house). big, fantastic margaritas (we both dig midori margaritas), and decent food that isn’t as important as the big, fantastic midori margaritas. then, we walked over to Barnes & Noble and used a couple gift cards we’d been given. I bought Eats, Shoots & Leaves; and jeannie bought The Mermaid Chair. oh, and we picked up The Power of a Positive Woman: gift edition, as a birthday party gag gift for a friend who will hate it.

friday — ran a couple errands together, then went to see The Brothers Grimm (ooh, way more freaky than i thought it would be!). had lunch at On the Border (this is tex-mex, whereas yesterday’s lunch was mexican — stay with me! certainly, however, there was a margarita theme). ooh, and we just went swimming.

monday — early lunch with jen and jay howver at pizza nova in point loma (think california pizza kitchen, but better); then, sailing on the san diego bay (with the howvers). we’ve rented a sailboat, and are bringin’ the cooler, baby. three or four hours out there should be perfect. i used to sail a ton as a teenager and young adult (even used to crew on a racing yacht).

tuesday — refrigerator day! woo-hoo! our kitchen refrigerator is on it’s last leg — dripping all over the place. jeannie got her advance check the other day for a book she’s writing (!), so we’re going to spend it on a new one. and, we’ll probably add starbucks to the date, for that extra bit of romance.

7 thoughts on “date week w/ my wife”

  1. Go Jeannie! I don’t know what’s more exciting, that you’re writing a book, or that you get a new refridgerator.

  2. Hey . . . I used to be in youth work and your
    job sounds just about ideal, Marko! Makes
    me want to sign up, but on the other hand,
    all that travel can be a bit wearing. I enjoy
    your blog ever so much and appreciate your
    honesty. Was it Yac’s death that started the

  3. heck, skip the refrigerator and just buy a margarita machine…

    or instead of a water and ice dispenser in the ‘frig, get one with a margarita dispenser..

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