dave barry’s holiday gift buying guide

tenplaguesbowling.jpgreaders of ysmarko will likely know that i am a dave barry fan. funny, funny dude. my wife used to get annoyed when i would read dave barry books in bed while she was trying to get to sleep, because i would start giggling and wake her up.

one of the things i love about the christmas season is the expectation of dave barry’s annual gift buying guide, a collection of some of the weirdest purchasable stuff out there. this year’s guide is as good as usual. i think my favorite is the “ten plagues bowling set” (pictured here).

here’s a couple lead-in paragraphs:

The holiday season is a time when we should ponder the message of the classic tale A Christmas Carol by the great English writer whatshishame. In this story, the miser Ebenezer Scrooge, who cares about nothing but money, is visited in his house on Christmas Eve by three ghosts — the Ghost of Christmas Past, the Ghost of Christmas Present, and Vice President Dick Cheney. They make Scrooge see the error of his ways by showing him what the town of Bedford Falls would have been like if James Stewart had never been born.

We can never watch that movie without crying. This is mainly because of our eggnog recipe (one egg, one quart rum). But it’s also because the story of Scrooge reminds us what truly matters during the holiday season. Too often, all we think about at this time of year is presents — shopping for them, giving them, getting them, opening them, trying to find eight double-A batteries for them, etc. But the lesson of A Christmas Carol is clear: We must not think only about presents. We must also think about securing our house from intruders, so they can’t come in and steal our presents.

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  1. According to that web site, at the time of my reading, it was 80 degrees in Miami. It’s 30 here at my house, with a wonderful layer of snow on the ground that hasn’t melted completely away for over a month. I feel sorry for Miami folks, having to spend Christmas down there in all that heat.

  2. marko,
    you gotta check out what is going on in jupiter, fl. this wek we had student ministries from 7 different churches get together for a blow up battle of the bands. God is doing a work! a few years ago we had lunch at camp in tennessee and you encouraged me to get on campus and build relationships. this was a real paradigm in our ministry. thanks for doing what you do!

  3. I love Dave Barry! I discovered his syndicated newspaper column when I was around 13 and then started reading his books. When I was in high school, I did a creative writing assignment (a humor column) about Dave Barry. My teacher sent a copy of my assignment to his address at the Miami Herald and he wrote me a thank you letter and enclosed a personalized autographed picture. I was 14 or 15–it was really cool. :) Not only is he dang funny, he can inspire young writers as well.

    Thanks for posting this! Admittedly, I haven’t read any of his stuff in a few years, but I really enjoyed the gift guide. I’ll have to read a couple of Dave Barry books over the holidays.

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