dedication and acknowledgments

finally wrote the dedication and acknowledgments for my youth ministry 3.0 book (due out this fall). thought i’d post it here, so that some of you can have a heads-up that your name will appear in my book!


This book is dedicated to the fantastic youth workers who allow Youth Specialties to serve them every year. I’m so humbled and honored to come alongside you, dream with you, cry with you, laugh with you, complain with you, strategize with you, hope with you, and forge ahead with you.


I’ve written or contributed to a small shelf of books over the years. But in many ways, I feel like this is my first “real” book. Not to demean the others, but this is the first one with real sentences and paragraphs of ideas, written for adults. And, of course, it wasn’t written in a vacuum – many added to it.

When I was incubating these ideas for a general session talk at the National Youth Workers Convention in the fall of 2007, I posted some questions on my blog. A handful of youth workers were especially helpful in helping me with words to describe what I was thinking about Youth Ministry 3.0. Particular thanks go to D. Scott Miller, Chad Swanzy, Joe Troyer, Adam Lehman, Len Evans, Gordon Weir, Tammy Klassen, Jay Phillippi, Natalie Stadnick, Grahame Knox, Dustin Perkins, Sue Van Stelle, Bob Carlton, Tash McGill, Liz Graves, Tammy Harris, Mark Riddle, Robin Dugall, Daniel So, and Jodi Shay.

At the first convention that year, I sat on my hotel balcony for hours with my friend (and YS’s publisher) Jay Howver, and he helped me flesh out many of my ideas for the application section, which, later, become the seeds for Chapter 6 in this book.

Four very, very smart friends of mine read the first draft of this book and provided extremely helpful and shaping input. After their responses, I re-wrote entire sections, added new stuff, clarified and cut. They deserve co-author credit in many ways. So, big, massive thanks to Dr. Chap Clark, Dr. Kara Powell, almost-Dr. Tony Jones, and Dr. Kenda Creasy Dean.

Michelle Fockler let me use her house for three days as a writing haven. Those three days made all the difference, and I’m in Michelle’s debt. Later, i spent two days on revisions in the quiet apartment of my friend, Andy Padgen. Dude, perfect writing spot.

Finally, my wife (Jeannie) and kids (Liesl and Max) are the best family this guy could have. I’m so in love with you all, and love my life with you. Thanks for supporting me in this little book.

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  1. Wow, I’m really honored to have made a contribution! But I’m really embarrassed to not be able to remember what it was! Guess I’ll have to buy the book… :P

  2. I am quite honored about the nod as well. I couldn’t remember what I wrote so I checked it out and I guess I was insightful. Must have been a really good day! Blessings to you!

  3. Marko — Congrats! Count me in as one of those feeling honored — and humbled — to have contributed in some small way to your book. I definitely appreciate your generosity and openness to conversation with all of us. Can’t wait for the book’s release!

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