deeeee-troit: my hometown, and, america’s most miserable city

Forbes has published their first list of America’s Most Miserable Cities. This survey is based on each city’s crime rate, inflation, unemployment, commute times, toxic waste, weather, and taxes. The top ten are:
1. Detroit, MI
2. Stockton, CA
3. Flint, MI
4. New York City
5. Philadelphia, PA
6. Chicago, IL
7. Los Angeles, CA
8. Modesto, CA
9. Charlotte, NC
10. Providence, RI

10 thoughts on “deeeee-troit: my hometown, and, america’s most miserable city”

  1. So since I live somewhat between Flint & Detroit (#1 & #3 respectively) I should be pretty miserable.

    And how come Hollywood isn’t on that list? Every time I turn on the TV they talk about somebody living there who is depressed or checking into a drug rehab place!

  2. I guess this list was compiled before the superbowl… I can tell you New York is a VERY happy city right now!

  3. Yeah so I’m a resident of the city of Flint. I gotta tell ya it’s just not that bad. Of course I probably live in one of only a half dozen safe neighborhoods and the taxes do suck but my commute is only 6 min.

  4. Just remember that WEATHER was one of the factors, which explains why the list skews North. That makes me wonder – if weather was taken out of the equation, which cities would join the list and which would drop out, and would California then take the top three slots?

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