deep leap: the fast-paced time-wasting word game

the tag line on this word game is very accurate: it’s face-paced and quickly stressful; and even though one game is quite short, you’ll not be happy with your score, and will find you must play multiple times.

scrabble-like — just type in words using the letters slowly added to your options. add to the multiplier by not typing in words that aren’t in the dictionary. game’s over after the last of 75 tiles is used or slowly melts away. after a few tries, i was getting scores in the upper 300s (like, 375), but my best score was 633. i’m sure some of you can beat me. post your best score.

deep leap


8 thoughts on “deep leap: the fast-paced time-wasting word game”

  1. 765 first try. But I play Scrabble on my iPhone regularly. So my mind works in the way needed to play.

  2. Scored in the 440 range my first time, best score was 848. Fun game and a great little escape for me tonight, thx for posting.

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