4 thoughts on “did you know?”

  1. Fascinating stuff.

    One thing that they forgot to mention which is probably the biggest problem/opportunity for the future: oil.

    All this technology requires power. At the moment, the best power source earth has is oil. One barrel of oil contains the energy equivalent of about 23,000 hours of human work output. There is a hugely increasing demand for oil, and in the last hundred-odd we used up just about half of the earth’s available oil. We’ll use the second half much faster.

    That’s what our kids are going to be left with sorting out. I would love to see technology continuing to accelerate forever, but history tells us that that doesn’t happen. At some point societies reach a peak, and then they decline. I’m guessing that ours is not the exception.

  2. Whenever I read about past empires such as the Roman Empire, I sometimes wonder and fear if the U.S.’s best days are behind us. The education system of America is scary. I definitely know that a candidate’s take on education is going to play a major role on how I vote in next year’s election.

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