domino pressure

i think i have had a little obsession with tipping over dominos for my whole life. while i’m generally a global thinker, i have this little part of me that loves the cause-and-effect mechanics of domino strings. not that i’ve ever had the patience to set up the really big ones – that takes a level of o.c.d. that goes way beyond me.

but, all that makes this little domino-knocking-over game, called domino pressure, about the coolest little time waster EV-AR.

so… i tried it once and sucked (level 3 or 4 — had to figure out how the game worked), then tried again and got to level 16. then i stopped to write this post. i’m sure i will play many, many more times. and this is the kind of game my son max will go crazy over.

if you’re going to report a level in a comment here, be sure to say whether it was one of your first couple tries, or after many more (certainly there’s a learning curve on this thing).

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