don’t worry, we’ll figure it out

one of the most wonderfully strange blogs i have in my reader is the odd — and regularly… heartwarming? — exploding dog. it’s just the occasional single panel “comic”, often created by emailed title suggestions of followers to the artist, sam brown.

but this one really caught my eye. man, i have felt this way so many times in the past year, and it resonated with a conversation i had with a youth pastor an hour before i saw it.

(btw: today is my 47th birthday. i like birthdays in general. i was very happy to turn 30; and 40 was fine. but 47 is shockingly close to 50, and that just feels a little weird to me.)

5 thoughts on “don’t worry, we’ll figure it out”

  1. Hey Marko!!!

    Happy Birthday, man!

    Couldn’t have happened to a better guy (ha-ha).

    Hope you have a great day. Thanks for all you do for the Kingdom.


  2. Happy Birthday Marko! If 40 was fine for you, then 50 is going to be your Waterloo. My crisis was at 40. Once you get beyond that its just reelin’ in the years and enjoying the time. I would have said “stowing away the time” but someone else said that and I don’t think that is very hopeful or optimistic.

  3. Happy birthday! Look forward to meeting you in a few days. And thanks for sharing the Exploding Dog site… I love it!

  4. Holy smokies!……… I remember when you turned 40. I can’t believe how fast time goes. Praying for you as you are in Haiti

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