drive-by farting

first, let me state for the record: i am a junior high guy. always have been. always will be. one of the reasons i love working with middle schoolers is that my own sense of humor has remained there — gross food, farting, all that stuff. the other day, a friend of mine referred to my blog as “marko’s theology and fart story blog”, and i took this as a great compliment; because where else can you find that?

anyhow, thanks to john mitchem, for this startling and hilarious news clip.

13 thoughts on “drive-by farting”

  1.…that was flippin’ hilarious. I could not stop laughing. Thanks…see ya in Pittsburgh…The Bald Guy.

  2. I actually saw that happen live on the 11:00 news a few months back. Even though it is funnier this way, the fart was added in. The guy ran by in nothing but a ski mask and yelled “Whooo-Hooo.” The reporter did not say anything else, they went right to her interview with a guy and the first thing he said was “I’m shocked”, or something like that; which made it even more funny. Then they went back to the station. Funny thing is that I have not seen this reporter since then.

  3. hi again…i just bought a plane ticket to go to this conference in nashville where they hopefully will teach me how to fart like a professional. i’ve been lacking in this area for years and feel like it’s time to really buckle down and figure this thing out. i am so excited. maybe i’ll see you there…

  4. Wow. Jr. High reminds me of the year we went to the National Youth Workers Convention in Nashville. You had already moved to San Diego. Me, you, Natalie and I think Cori. We were having a peanut M&M war in the elevator. After we got off you threw one at me and nailed some random lady inthe calf. Remember? We almost wet ourselves laughing so hard. Then we pushed Evey button on the elevator before we got off. Hehe, all those highschool workers hated us.

  5. Thank you Marko! Wow, that fart sounded like it came straight from Yac’s fart machine :) HA HA HA!

    I think I laughed harder though at Lydia’s reminiscence. I can not wait for Nashville!

  6. Farting is the funnest thing – next to poop – but it can also get you in trouble. Only about 1 month into my first full time youth ministry job i was asked to preach to the whole congregation. I thought, “great, what a great chance to encourage some of the congregation how great it would be to be volunteers in our ministry”. toward the end of the first service (of 3) i said something like “basically, unless you don’t like to fart, our youth ministry is the place for you to volunteer”.

    I got a suprise meeting the next day from someone who i now call our “resident complainer”. he sat down and told me that my use of the word “fart” from the pulpit was a window into my character. He said that farting leads to drug abuse and rape. And he told me that i better change or else. He said “i know alot of people with alot of pull within you position here”…

    Things have never been the same with the guy – three years later. He won’t even let me hang his up his coat (during a special event where i was the coat check)…. Gotta love it.

    But the kids still love farting (and i guess drug abuse and raping too)…

    ((my first post to the Marko blog – i love to read it))

  7. Your story would be funnier if it wasn’t so true, Brad. Just remember that that person suffers from lack of a sense of humor. I guess he hasn’t noticed God’s immense sense of humor as he’s looked at the world around him (and in the mirror). What a sad state of existence. Personally, fart=funny anywhere, anytime…and I’m a senior high yw (with a jr high heart).
    ROFL over that clip mark.

  8. i can’t believe i’m getting more comments on a farting post than on my previous, much more thoughtful, post about the emerging church and transitioning! [sigh]. i guess many of my readers are very much like me.

  9. You say that like it’s a bad thing, Marko. ;-)
    In this crazy world we call youth ministry, we frequently need fart postings more than the serious ones. I know I did this week. (And I read your serious post too.)

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