8 thoughts on “dvr”

  1. Never again will you watch live television. Seriously, you will be shocked at how much it alters your t.v. viewing habits. Watching a live show and sitting through commercials will forever drive you crazy.

  2. Your life has just changed. Never again will you miss anything. But, you’ll also watch too much. Go to the gym……speaking to myself.

  3. as my pastor has rather eloquently stated from the pulpit on more than one occasion:

    TiVo [DVR] will change your life.

  4. I built my own DVR with an old computer that was laying around and a free program called MythTv (based on Linux). It works great! More features than TiVo will ever have. Plus, there’s no monthly fee. :-)

  5. You’re gonna love that DVR, Marko. I got one on my birthday (May 23, infact) and I’m loving it. It will totally revolutionize the way you watch tv. BTW…happy late birthday. =)

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