6 thoughts on “early flight to grand rapids”

  1. Man, you are coming to the neighborhood? If you are going to be around for awhile it would be great to grab some coffee. Welcome to humid/sticky Michigan bro!

  2. Depend, so one must add, where you are going? I can think of some places I’d like to go and be more than willing to show up at the airport, even O’Hare, at 5:30am.

  3. chad — sorry, bro; woulda been fun. i’m only in town for 24 hours, and will be busy 100% of the time.

    andy — since i need the glasses to see, yes. no harrassment this time! i ALMOST wore my kilt this morning also, but decided the good dutch folk of zondervan might not be able to process it. i haven’t worn it through airport security yet!

    scot — subject line, bro: grand rapids. i’m off to meet with your friend, the crafty rupert-murdoch-enslaved john raymond. hey, wait, aren’t you in italy right now, scot?

  4. I wouldn’t say Grand Rapids is one of those places that 5:30am would be acceptable, not that it is not a great place to visit.

    No,at home in Libertyville at my computer. I was in Italy, and that is one of those places 5:30am is plenty fine.

    Give my regards to John and Tami. And remind him tha I’m still waiting that first chapter of his thesis!

  5. hey! i thought you were supposed to be resting!
    so get on it! : )
    praying for all y’all at ys! tell jeannie hi!
    blessings lil
    btw…great post on judgementalitis…thanks for sharing!

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