ec starting

i’m in my room in nashville, and doug pagitt and john franke are in the adjoining suite, using lots of theological words that i’m only semi-familiar with. here we go!

6 thoughts on “ec starting”

  1. suites? is that for VIPs only, for booking the event at the hotel, or is that just a fancy name for the hotel rooms that everyone get at the Renaissance? :)

  2. I know there are a few more who didn’t make the radar. I’m just stick up for us little guys in the blogging world. You might want to make an announcement or something and gather names. I’ll probably just see you in person anyways and I’ll complain then.

  3. andrew, how ’bout, instead of finding me to complain, you find me to say hi or give me other blogs. or email them to me. or post them here.

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