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i’ve been very encouraged by the ongoing grassrootsiness of emergent, as indicated by the continual growth of the emergent cohorts and denominational groups. cohorts are regional groups of people who gather together (usually once a month) to talk, wrestle with things, and support each other. here’s a fun little video put together by jeff kursonis and friends that tells a bit more about the cohorts:

for more on the cohorts, or to find if there’s one in your area, check the cohort page of the emergent village website.

in addition, several denominational groups have sprung up in the past couple years. these groups are wrestling with what it means to be the emerging church within the context of their own denominational structures and theologies. many of these are online spaces, and some have hosted events. here’s a list of the ones that exist at this point, from a recent EV blog post:

Luthermergent (Lutheran) — possibly the earliest hybrid group to form; the official name of this group is the “Emerging Leaders Network,” but don’t let the name fool you, they’re Lutherans

Methomergent (Methodist) — probably the second oldest group; Jay Voorhees, pastor of Antioch UMC in Nashville was perhaps one of the first, most visible Methomergent voices

Presbymergent (Presbyterian) — this group started with Karen Sloan and Adam Walker Cleaveland and has now grown to “a full-fledged community of several hundred ministers, lay-persons, writers, evangelists, youth directors, web-developers, theologians, seminarians, artist-musicians, and more.”

Reformergent (Reformed) — this group is somewhat different from the others because it’s “interested in the interaction between Reformed theology and the emerging church movement.” Chris Case is the main man “minding the (occasional) gap.”

Submergent (Anabaptist) — this group has a growing list of conspirators, but Mark Van Steenwyk is one of the most prolific

Anglimergent (Anglican/Episcopal) — this is “a generous and generative friendship among diverse Anglicans, engaging emerging church and mission”; it is fast approaching 400 members with the “urban abbess” herself, Karen Ward, at the helm (in North America, and Ian Mobsby is the man in the UK and Europe)

Convergent (Quaker) — this network includes people from the North America, the UK, and Australia who are trying to “discuss the radical changes within our culture, how that’s affecting our tradition, and how we can follow God’s mission in the world given our postmodern world.”

AGmergent (Assemblies of God/ Pentecostal) — this is probably one of the newest groups to form; founder John O’Hara has described it as “a meaningful conversation about what it means to live out our faith in Christ, as Pentecostal believers, in relationship with each other and the greater Body of Christ.”

Emergent Nazarenes (Nazarene, of course) — “Emergent Nazarenes are Christians who both identify with the Emergent Church movement while being a part of the Church of the Nazarene . Our purpose is to connect as Nazarenes with the larger conversations of the emergent movement, the Kingdom of God and the world.”

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  1. I love this video because we are able to line up some faces with the movement. It is very refreshing to see that the type of people in the emergent movement are the type that will never be taken seriously. After hearing the Tickle Talk, I was a bit worried, but no longer. I just want to encourage you emergies to keep the “conversation” subjects wide, don’t put yourself in boxes, and stay weird so us conservative, inerrant believing, redeemed of the Sovereign Lord can easily highlight your folly and then move on to teaching believers that there is only one atonement that of Jesus Christ taking on God’s WRATH that was due to us for our sin. This video just makes our case against you that much easier. Submit.

  2. i was around when we jokingly made up the ‘methomergent’ name in ’05. i was really hoping it was going to die a quick death. apparently it is back. oh well, here is to bad names

  3. Thanks Marko. I have been of 4 different cohorts throughout my travels. However, I was not aware of the Luthermergent. I signed up today for community and connection.

    I appreciate it.

  4. I think I’m a random mix of all of them. I’m going to start a group called Schizo-mergent. Any takers?

  5. ok, so when I first saw this post, I totally thought the title read Emergent Cohorts and DEMON Groups. That would make it a totally different post!

  6. That reformed one I hear is the most awesomest bestest one in the world :). Thanks for the shoutout, even if it was just a rehash what Emergent Village posted!

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