essentials, non-essentials, and guinness

i don’t know this guy, noel heikkinen, but i really enjoyed his post about differing levels of agreement on theological issues. of course, his post was ‘specially enhanced by the use of four pints of guinness. now i’m both thinking, and thirsty! shoot, my guess is that even my new pal murdock and i would agree on a couple pints. (roger, that was a friendly elbow, nothing more!)

2 thoughts on “essentials, non-essentials, and guinness”

  1. It’s a good thing I’m not Baptist anymore or else I’d take offense to all pints! :)
    Actually, I liked the post. I take exception with a few technical points, but I appreciate the framework he’s using. Particularly the necessity of believing Apple computers are superior is troubling, since historical Christianity has affirmed the greatness of PCs… or maybe that’s just modern Christianity. Regardless, I’ll be praying for his soul…

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