Evolution, Me & Other Freaks of Nature

evolution, freaks, and.jpgEvolution, Me & Other Freaks of Nature, by Robin Brande.

yes! a fantastic book about and for teenagers that i can actually recommend to teenagers!

a bit like the movie “saved” in some ways, the narrator has just (as the book begins) been excommunicated from her church and youth group for being the whistle-blower over her church and youth group’s campaign against a gay kid in her school. her whistle-blowing, in the form of an apology letter to the boy after his attempted suicide, has resulted in lawsuits against the church and pastor.

in the midst of this lonely ostracism (coupled with a massive silent treatment from her parents), the narrator struggles to redefine her faith. at the same time, she’s getting caught up in a new polarizing campaign against evolution being taught in her biology class.

this would be a wonderful book to read with a group of christian teenagers. all kinds of great discussion could result: loneliness, love, articulated faith, the gospel, evolution and faith. a great read for teenagers and adults who care about them.

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  1. I love your reviews of Teen fiction. I read tons of YA fiction (I’d LIKE to say it’s only because I want to keep up with what the kids I volunteer with are reading, but I actually have a secret obsession (-: ) and I love seeing your thoughts on books that you can actually recommend to that age group. Most of the stuff I read, I end up thinking I’M not old enough to be reading the stuff (and I’m 27)… I’ll have to check this one out…

  2. Finally read this one earlier this month (July, 08). I agree whole heartedly with your review. It is a fantastic book that could spark some wonderful discussions, as well as just a great story. It left me wanting to read more, yet I’m quite sure that any more, especially a sequel, would be overkill and ruin the story. Thanks for all your recommendations. I think about them as I read, and even today went back over many and put them on my Amazon wish lists. Christmas is coming, and it’s never to early to get the parents and in-laws to thinking about a good gift.

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