expelled: no intelligence allowed

expelled-250x250.jpgi’m so intrigued by this movie coming out in the spring, called expelled (full title is expelled: no intelligence allowed). i’d heard something about it in passing from a co-worker, but didn’t really know anything about it. but i just clicked through on a banner ad on another site (wow, a banner ad click through!), and learned more about it. and now i’m fascinated.

the movie is a documentary about the bias and discrimination in the scientific community (and supported by media, education and other industries) against anyone who isn’t a die-hard 100% darwinian. and here’s where it gets interesting: ben stein is making the movie. yes, ben stein as in “win ben stein’s money” and ferris buelier’s day off (“anyone? anyone? bueller?”) and a hundred other disparate contexts.

try this: you hear there’s a documentary being made about credible scientists who want to ask questions and explore ideas about intelligent design, and how they’re being blacklisted by the scientific community. who do you assume is making the movie?

really, when i’d heard about it (with NO details at the time), i assumed it was a b-grade or c-grade christian documentary, full of whininess, fear, martyr complex, hyperbole and shoddy fiat platitudes. but it’s ben frickin’ stein! not focus on the family! ha!

here’s the trailer — TOTALLY worth watching. and the home page (featuring ben stein in an angus young ac/dc school outfit).

let’s all agree to watch this thing when it comes out!

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  1. I saw this was coming out awhile back and am looking forward to it. For a great primer on the subject check out Darwin’s Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution. I wouldn’t be surprised if the author showed up in Expelled. I think this book started the scientific challenges to evolution.

    It’s heavy science but the guy wrote it so you could skip the heavy stuff and still get it. For those of us interested in science, evolution, and God it’s a great read!

    After you see and read stuff like this though you start to wonder why evolution is being taught as truth in schools.

  2. yeah, the new Super Trailer is really good. much more about the thoughts versus the flashy and funny one they had at first. Oh and there’s a facebook group too.

  3. Saw this via Len’s facebook invitation a while ago….I’m still worried about the cheesiness of it, even with Stein being a huge part of it.

  4. This definetly looks like a movie that will open the flood gates of conversations and opportunities for us to share the Gospel message with our students and their friends. It will cause questions to be asked.

  5. This looks like it will be a quality film about the subject. I wonder if Richard Dawkins will have something to say about it.

  6. geez, I don’t know. I’m sure, given his credentials and all, that Stein is an intelligent guy, but having him in the movie doesn’t exactly legitimize it for me. It seems to me that it is not a question of pro-Darwin versus anti-Darwin but rather a question of what place philosophical and spiritual concepts have in the physical sciences. As a literature major and person generally not intrigued by science, I have never really jumped into this fight with much enthusiasm because I don’t feel qualified, but my initial observation is that the creationist/Intelligent Design/anti-Darwinists crowd is drumming up the element of conflict and persecution while the science community is simply not interested in pursuing “the divine spark” in scientific theory.

  7. Dude, Ken, I don’t think there is a cheese factor in this movie. The trailer makes it seem really well done. I think Stein’s website is reserved for the cheese (check the dance video). I like that it seems like an expose of sorts too.

  8. At the St. Louis NYWC our church won a free screening of this movie and have permission to open it to the community, but I think we’ll only promote it if they’ll let me watch it first (for obvious reasons). We can’t just blindly promote a movie, ya know?

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