extremely helpful information

this is extremely helpful information, if you happen to have a need to attract male aligators, and if you happen to know how to play a tuba. yes, united press international has graciously reported to all of us who have the occasional need to attract male aligators that it is the note B-flat that will do the trick.

and, see, that’s where i think i’ve gone wrong in the past. i’ve tried a B, but never the B-flat. and the dang male aligators just sat there with no more enthusiasm than a 13 year-old girl being called to dinner (so i’ve heard). of course, the fact that i was using a kazoo probably didn’t help either.

One thought on “extremely helpful information”

  1. Well, that explains the poodle attraction then. It’s a pretty well known fact that poodles bark in B flat.

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