facebook app for youth workers

actually, it’s a facebook app created for teachers. but it would work great for youth workers and small group leaders, for connecting with your group, sharing files and other content, and connecting. really cool youth ministry potential.

look-a-bee’s facebook apps for teachers

here’s a description — but, if you’re a facebooker, click through and look at the pictures.

The network within Facebook allows discussions and questions to be sent back and forth between students and teachers as well. Each Facebook application is custom made for the teacher, and follows the lead of other application developers like Widgetbox and Clearspring , though Lookabee’s niche approach makes it less likely to need additional tools like advertising options and metrics reports.

(ht to bob c, via email)

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  1. has anyone had any success with this yet (from a youth worker standpoint)? Has anyone else been approved yet? I put in a request for the pilot program…it has real potential.

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