farting preacher 5

i’d seen farting preacher 1, 2, and 3 (don’t know if i ever saw 4), but this one’s a doosy.

if you don’t have the stomach or patience or juvenille attitude to watch (and listen to!) the whole 3 minutes, the last 30 seconds had me totally laughing out loud.

(ht to andy jack, a fellow middle school youth worker)

9 thoughts on “farting preacher 5”

  1. Marko,

    What can I say, but Thanks. The rest this is how myself and my Jr. High pastor started our day off. The rest of the office wondered what we were screaming about, and why we were crying, then they saw about 30 seconds of it and walked away shaking their heads. But as for us it was a morning filled with Dunkin Donuts, Dunkachino’s, and laughter. It’s gonna be a good day…

  2. I showed this to my Jr. and Sr. High over a year ago, and watching it this morning still makes me laugh so hard that I get watery eyes. I applaud the creator of this clip for his brilliance in this art form.

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