feeling the pressure of convention season

i can’t believe the austin national youth workers convention is a little more than a week away. and this year, with four conventions, i’m expecting the fall season to be a bit of a blur. i have to plan my seminars, but that doesn’t feak me out too much. what freaks me out is figuring out what i’m going to say in my closing general session talk. i’ve had a theme in mind for some months, and have been planning to do a bunch of background reading and prep, but just haven’t gotten to it. now it’s crunch time.

let me know if you’ll be blogging from the austin convention.

4 thoughts on “feeling the pressure of convention season”

  1. I will be at Austin, actually staying an extra day. I have never been to Austin, so could be fun. Notice the Tomlin is not with us this year, that is sad!! hopefully I will see you in passing. If it makes you feel any better I am speaking to 9 churches combine (only 1000 people) Sunday and I have no idea what I am saying either.

  2. Marko, my dear friend and colleague Marty C. and I will both be at the Austin convention and are pumped for it. I’ll be blogging from there, and pray for inspiration for you!

    Our youth ministry is using the “JUMP” theme from last year’s conventions as our program theme this year; just had our kickoff and everyone’s really getting into it. Way to go!

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