finally, a kilt photo

the man-skirt many have asked for this; but i have still not learned to upload personal photos to my blog (sorry, more important things in life for me, i guess!). but, thanks to jeff and his splendidly mundane life blog photos of the pittsburgh convention (the password is: photo), i can now post one (i do know how to link to a photo somewhere on the web). manliness, be thyself now visually defined.

9 thoughts on “finally, a kilt photo”

  1. I feel you on that one Marko. I have not yet learned how to upload pics myself. My excuse is I am too busy. Most people think that people with blogs have too much time on their hands. That is not the case here. I am not sure were I am headed with my site but it does leave room for creativity and fun. Peace – Sam

  2. Dude… when I saw you in that kilt the first time I was in the third row. In other words, a prime spot to see if you were wearing the kilt… um, “authentically.” You know… going “commando” and all.

    Should I look? Shouldn’t I look? Should I look? Shouldn’t I look?

    One of the more awkward moments of the year for me. Thanks. :)

  3. thanks, andy — my understanding is that it has to do with the fact that i’d have to upload the photos to the gospelcom servers, where the ys website resides, which is where this blog resides. so, it has layers of complexity!

  4. On the outside looking in, it should be a problem at all. WordPress has a built-in upload feature. But I’m here if you ever decide to pursue it. That and the fact that your Copyright tag at the bottom needs a little TLC.

  5. Marko,

    You need to shed that kilt. I think it’s called a “utility kilt” or something stupid like that. I wore the real thing for over 15 years whilst flipping telephone poles (a.k.a. cabers). Some “friend” forced a utility kilt on me while judging and I felt like a loon.

    The real thing will cost just under $400. Check out for something a lot more affordable and nearly as good looking.

    Just don’t get the hawaiian print man. You’ll look even worse.

    ~Jason Pauli

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