fire update

actually, i’m a bit in the dark. i’m sitting in heathrow airport, in london, on my way to belfast. i was comfortable leaving town (as was my wife comfortable with me leaving) for two main reasons:
1. the fires seemed to be south and north of our house. all the smoke was blowing straight west (which fortold the direction the fires would go). and the sky over our house was oddly clear.
2. we have another family living at our house right now (good friends who are in-between homes). having two more adults there — both of whom are super-organized and decisive, made me feel better about leaving jeannie.

but i see the evacuation area for the harris fire is, literally, about a half-mile south AND east of my house. weird. it’s still the middle of the night in san diego, so i don’t want to call to check in.

my friend brian has pics posted of what we’ve been seeing from our house (brian lives about a mile from me), on his blog, here. all schools in san diego county are still closed.

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  1. Nuts. Absolute nuts. Praying for all involved and the entire community and especially the ones out there fighting these fires. Glad to hear your family’s got some help around if needed.

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