flamingo flocking, and the subsequent flamingo-flocking hater

this letter to the editor. which totally cracked me up!

Dear editor, I was appalled upon reading the article covering the fundraising activity called “flocking” by the St. Apollinaris Youth Ministry, specifically, the unauthorized placing of plastic flamingos on private property (“Flamingos descend on Napa,” July 9).

At the very least, it involves trespass and vandalism; at worst in encourages extortion — all condoned by parents and clergy. Were these misguided kids to “flock” my property, not only would their supply of flamingos be diminished, but the police would be notified as well. I guess car washes, bake sales, book drives, etc., are just too old-fashioned, involve too much work, are not lucrative enough or are not as thrilling as church-sanctioned illicit behavior.

These activities are especially egregious because they are carried out by a religious group. This outrageous behavior runs counter to the law and Christian principles. Shame, shame, shame on those who sanction and lead these kids in such nefarious nocturnal activities.

(ht to scott miller)

9 thoughts on “flamingo flocking, and the subsequent flamingo-flocking hater”

  1. My sr. high students totally do the flocking fundraiser every other year or so. Our church can’t get enough of it! Although, I do live in what was once called “The Worst Dressed Town in America” by USAToday or someone, so it follows that people probably have a lower degree of snobbishness than Napa folks when it comes to their yards. Neither the homes nor yards are trashy, but we’re just that laid back.Anyway, the fundraiser usually ends up with me (the youth director) making a fair share of the deliveries because there are more flock orders than the students can make time for. One thing that really helps is a “Do Not Flock” list that people can place their names on at no cost. There’s no shame attached to that; it’s not like you’re a poor sport if you put your name on that. But most people still want to contribute, and buy “Anti-Flocking Insurance.”

  2. i guess this guys a little upset. i’m pretty impressed he used shame x3 followed by “nefarious nocturnal activities” which i’m assuming should add to the shame factor. :)

  3. i never heard of that as a fundraiser. i will definately look into it. that could be a lot of fun. is there a base price or by donation? do people pay to have it removed?


  4. Hee hee. I have to wonder if this guy really speaks the way he writes or did he have his trusty Word thesaurus doing all the talking. Wow. What attention to detail. Silly little man.

  5. I LOVED doing this fundraiser! We contacted the Police in advance!!! OH yes – for fun we did their yard! We had “2 teams” of bird and charged $1 a bird ($40 dollars a flight – GREAT profit!) + when we ordered that many birds, we got 2 “Sets” of big birds that when tied together made a lovely heard for those lovey occasions!

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