fluffy week

so, i’m outa town all week (first half: jh pastors summit; 2nd half: personal silent retreat). the camp i’ll be staying at is up in a mountain valley, and there’s neither wifi nor cell coverage. this is a good thing for my silent retreat, but it’ll be a little frustrating during the first half of the week. some of us will likely make the 30 minute trek down to a coffee shop at some point, to grab a little wifi.

but… this no-technology week means: no blogging, no email, no facebook, no twitter, no bloglines, FOR 6 DAYS!

yeah, i know: it’s good for me.

as for this blog: i have a couple posts set to go live each day. but, uh, i don’t expect, as i look them over, that you’ll find much depth or insight. so, i’m claiming this as “ysmarko fluffy blog week”! maybe some other time we can join hands for “ysmarko meaty blog week”.

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