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  1. Marko,
    You have come through again! I was looking for something cool and different to do with my Jr. Highs tomorrow night. Now I have it. Too cool!

  2. Hint: Works best with high-fat milk. The fat and soap react with each other.

  3. When I was in college, I used to put green food coloring in my milk and shake it up.

    It didn’t affect the taste of the milk, but it kept other people in the dorm from “borrowing” the milk out of my fridge.

  4. So Cool. Making it spiritual…kids (and child-like-in-a-good-way adults) love that because it’s cool. Lot’s of kids would want to know how because it’s cool. It wouldn’t keep them from investigating it would drive them to it. But it would still be fascinating. Maybe that’s part of what God means when he tells to have child-like faith. Fascinated to the point of investigation just because it’s so cool.

  5. Amazing.

    The only thing I am not crazy about is the loss of perfectly good milk. I guess I could suck it up and drink some soapy milk. Hey, I am a cheap youth minister…what can I say?

  6. So, I tried this at middle school youth group tonight, and I was going to ask them what about this experiment reminded them of God. Well, I gathered everyone around and IT DIDN’T WORK! It was embarrassing. Kids laughed. Then they squirted all the food coloring in the bowl and swirled it around with their fingers, everyone had very colorful hands by the end of the night.

    I did show this video though and one girl talked about how she saw us as the food coloring, Jesus as the soap, and sin as the milk. Jesus comes in and goes down into the sin in our lives and raises us up out of it and makes us beautiful. I was impressed. :-)

  7. Well, i’m just as cheap as Brian up there and had thought to myself, hey, I don’t want to waste the WHOLE gallon of milk, there’s oreos to be eaten! Yeah, I know, rookie mistake. :-P

  8. That is so cool. And, does the same music play every time you do that, or does the soundtrack change each time? (‘Cause I thought that was such an added touch to the effect – I’ll miss it if it’s not there.)

  9. Marko – Well, i’m just as cheap as Brian up there, and had thought to myself “I don’t want to waste a WHOLE gallon of milk, there’s oreos to be eaten!” Yeah, I know, rookie mistake.

    Sam – I’d assume that since it’s a youtube video that it would only play one soundtrack, yet that would be fun to sit and try and think of other songs that would work well. I would go with Breakfast – Newsboys, just because of the milk content. :-P

  10. I have used this with my elementary age children to illustrate the OT story where all the different armies started to fight each other.

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