for the laziest of the lazy

do you ever get tired of actually having to MOVE the soap around on your body to get lather? is that motion just about too much for you to bear? then this soap is for you, lazy-person. yes, it’s vibrating soap.

the copy says:

If you’re tired of having to move your soap manually to achieve that perfect lather, then this quite unique bar of soap may change all of that in an instant, or should we say, in a vibration!

This truly innovative bathroom accessory is as unique as it is ingenious. The Vibrating Soap has an electronic vibrating function placed deep inside the soap itself. To use, simply lift the soap off the holder and voila! It switches into vibrating mode ready to be used. When you’ve finished with this auto wash soap, simply put it back on the holder and the vibrations will automatically stop. Give those stinky suds the elbow and throw out that soap on a rope… the Vibrating Soap is your ticket to bath time bliss.

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