freakishly small world, even to the cuban cabbies

i had lunch with chris seay today, who was in san diego for a few hours. during lunch we got chatting about cuba, somehow, where he’s been a couple times and i’ve been once. i mentioned that, when lucas (our ys spanish director) and i were in havana, our favorite place to hang out was the patio of the hotel nacional. chris lit up and said they’d stayed at that hotel.

i mentioned that we spent our last hour there, partly because the hotel nacional has nice mercedes cabs that are the same price as regular cabs. and then i started telling him about our wild ride to the airport with the craziest and funniest cabbie i’ve ever had, who talked non-stop, drove wildly, and was a character in every way.

then chris asked me the most random question: what was his name? (really, when was the last time you asked someone the name of their cab driver, especially one from another country? and when was the last time you remembered?) i said: well, it was pedro.

chris went crazy. he was actually driving my mini cooper at this moment, and i thought he was going to swerve off the road. he almost shouted: pedro sanchez? well, i didn’t know. but chris went on to say that they had always asked for pedro as their cabbie because he was free entertainment.

when we got to chris’ destination, he pulled out his laptop and showed me a photo of pedro sanchez. sure enough, that was our cab driver.

how random is that?

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