4 thoughts on “free jesus”

  1. I read over the “manifesto” and didn’t find anything troubling until I got to their suggested links and books to read. There were quite a few books that I would like to know why they placed on their reading list. If just for educational reading, great. But if these books are for explaining what ‘we believe’ than I have a couple of problems with them.

  2. my first impressions while reading the manifesto: it seems to me like they are defining themselves by saying what they’re not, rather than what they are. i realize that who they are can be read into from implications made throughout, but i’d rather not have to try to find that. seems interesting enough though.

  3. I didn’t have any problem with it until i read it. They are doing nothing different then trying to fit Jesus into their box instead of the box he is in now.

    How about no boxes for Jesus?

  4. I agree that this is a protest movement; but we shouldn’t demonize groups for protesting… it’s a necessary component in democratic processes. At the same time, I am concerned that their approach is overly progressive to make a point, but may reach the tipping point that it won’t gain traction with the group they’re trying to influence (Christians on the bubble).

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