free webinar with some bearded dude talking about teenage brains

my friend jeremy lee has been a busy little beaver recently, creating all sorts of cool resources and opportunities for support and connection for youth workers and parents. seriously, i can hardly keep up with him.

one of his brilliant children is, a cool resource for youth workers who want to step it up in terms of the resourcing and training they provide for parents of teenagers. is hosting a series of free webinars. the key word in that last sentence? FREE, of course. or “of”, maybe. jim burns was the guest on the last one.

and i’m sure jim was amazing, because the dude is brilliant. but, well, i think jeremy must have rightly felt that this series of FREE webinars needed to great increase its beard quotient. so — obvious choice, right?


yup, i’ll be bringin’ a little training based on my book, A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Teenage Brains (but geared to youth workers). let’s talk gray matter, baby!

here’s the deets:

a free 1 hour webinar sponsored by
February 26 at 2 pm (central)
Use this link to register

7 thoughts on “free webinar with some bearded dude talking about teenage brains”

  1. If I am totally excited about this webinar but totally unable to take it on that day and time, will there be another opportunity for me to access it?

  2. Rachel- thanks so much for the interest. the video replays of our webinars are a paid benefit we offer to our subscribers. if you decided to subscribe to our material you would get the replay to that webinar and all of our webinars. i’m sorry that you are booked during that time. the good news is that we do a live webinar every month, so hopefully you can join us next month. jeremy

  3. Oh great bearded One,
    Will this be available for viewing at a later time? My big meeting day is Tuesday, but I’d love to see it!
    from small soul patch guy!

  4. Marko:

    I heard you speak on this topic at the Simply Youth Ministry Conference. Is there a way to access this webinair via youtube or other resource?


  5. hi lisa — the webinar content is accessible, but only to subscribers of (the website that hosted the webinar). i don’t think there’s video of this content anywhere. but the audio of that SYMC seminar should be available from them. and i wrote about it in A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Teenage Brains.

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